Scrap Car Yards in Melbourne

Scrap Car Yards in Melbourne

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Old Car Removal Dandenong

Sky Scrap Metal operates one of the most efficient scrap car yards in Melbourne, allowing you to drop off your vehicle to receive instant cash. From rusting lemons through to recent models, we accept all car makes and models in a variety of conditions. We also offer a free mobile pickup service for added convenience, making vehicle disposal possible for old cars that may no longer be functional or roadworthy.

Disposal of Motor Vehicles & More

In addition to cars, our Melbourne car yard also accepts and pays money for a wide range of scrap materials and metals, including copper, steel, brass, aluminium and more. Whether you’ve just completed a commercial cleanout or you’ve cleared out the garage at home, we can pay cash for any old metal equipment, machinery and appliances you bring to us.

Car Yards

Sky Scrap Metal has been specialising in processing your unwanted vehicles in its very own scrap car yard in Dandenong North, Melbourne for almost ten years!

Located in Dandenong, our team of experienced specialists have been delighted to give Melbourne its most qualified and professional car yard in Dandenong north yet! With a full Scrap Metal recycling service suited to your needs, our business accepts both old and current car makes which come in a variety of conditions.  We offer free on-site weighing of your scrap metal and provide a free mobile pick up service option. At Sky Scrap Metal we enjoy making vehicle disposable a simple and hassle-free experience for all our customers.

Recycling your vehicle with us is also our way of maintaining our ethical commitment to the environment. Unlike most businesses, Sky Scrap Metal is environmentally aware and responsible and would like to set an example for the rest. By providing specialised services in recycling vehicles, we aim to contribute to a more sustainable economy based on renewable resources. Our car yard in Dandenong North is therefore well-equipped with the highest technology to strip your car down and convert it into various resourceful ways. We are hopeful that metal recycling will become a part of a better and brighter future.  That is why our recycling services also deals with an extensive range of metals and materials including most ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We cater to individual households and commercial and industrial businesses as well.

Indeed there are a host of benefits in choosing Sky Scrap Metals as your number one go-to car recycling service. You can rely on us to provide:

  • A prompt payment for your junk car and any other unwanted materials.

  • A fair trade that aims to get you the highest possible price for your scrap metal.

  • A free mobile removal service for both roadworthy and non-functional vehicles.

  • Free on-site weighing and collection of your disposable vehicle.

  • Access to our scrap car yard in Dandenong North to bring your disposable vehicle yourself if you wish.

  • State-of-the-art equipment to processes your vehicle and other scrap metals ethically and in the most resourceful way possible.

  • A people friendly and environmentally friendly service!

With Sky Scrap Metal the process of recycling your vehicle begins when you contact one of our experienced team members. You can use our free mobile pick up service in which we will personally come to you anywhere in Melbourne to remove your vehicle and bring it back to our car yard located in Dandenong north. Our pickup service is especially convenient for cars that may be broken-down or no longer roadworthy which can be a nuisance to get rid of.  You can also ask us to pick-up any other unwanted materials to recycle. You can furthermore choose to arrange a visit with our team to drop off your unwanted vehicle at our Dandenong north car yard. Once we retrieve your vehicle we will weigh your vehicle on our weighing bridge and give you instant cash in return!

From here, the process of recycling your vehicle will be in the hands of our skilled and qualified experts. We place value in your unwanted and non-functional vehicles and we love to get them straight into our wrecking yard for dismantling. By virtually stripping down the vehicle we retrieve any spare parts that can be used in other cars and repurpose any other metals contained in it. We hate to see any renewable items become unnecessary waste in Melbourne’s increasingly filling landfill sites, so we work to rescue what we can.

Sky Scrap Metal provides you the safest and most highly satisfying card yard service in Melbourne that offers cash for scrap! If you possess an unwanted and/or non-functional vehicle that you would love to get rid of without the fuss, get in contact with us today via call, email or by using our easy online contact form. Customers are also welcome to visit our scrap car yard in Melbourne! Located in Dandenong we are open from Monday to Saturday, and Sundays by appointment.

Mobile: 0430549164

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Address: 297 Hammond Road, Dandenong, 3175 – VIC.

Does Sky Scrap Metal offer cash for my junk car or scrap metals?

Yes, we most certainly do. We give instant cash at the highest possible prices for your car and for an extensive range of your unwanted metals.

Can I bring my junk car to you?

Yes, you can bring your own scrap metals and junk car to our well-equipped yard in Dandenong. We offer free on-site weighing and collection.

Do you provide removal services for my car?

Yes, in fact its free! We offer to send our own team members to pick up your car and any other types of metals or recyclable materials.

Does Sky Scrap Metal accept different types of metal as well?

We accept and recycle all non-ferrous and ferrous metals. Broken or unwanted household appliances and junk cars are just a small list of what we deal with.

Does Sky Scrap Metal supply skips or bins for recycling?

Yes, we provide recycling skips or bins for our customers to hire top individual collect their unwanted materials.

What if I have too much metal to get rid of?

We offer our very own metal scrap removal service in which we will personally visit your home or workplace to pick up your unwanted material.

Visit Our Scrap Car Yard in Melbourne Today

Conveniently located in Dandenong, our scrap car yard is open Monday through to Saturday, and on Sundays by appointment. To learn more or arrange a visit, call our team now on (03) 9791 7993. You can also get in touch with us using our easy online contact form.