Cash For Scrap Metal Dandenong

Cash For Scrap Metal Dandenong



At Sky Scrap Metal, we are happy to take all unwanted metal that you have, providing you with cash for scrap. Whether you have a restoration job that you’ve abandoned or your old car simply won’t run anymore and needs to be thrown out, we can help. We can provide you with cash for scrap metal and help you recover valuable storage space in your backyard or garage – give us a call today to see how much your unwanted vehicle could be worth!

With over 10 years of experience in the scrap metal removal business, you can rely on Sky Scrap Metal to provide the best cash for scrap service. We offer quick cash for scrap in Melbourne and can even provide free towing. This means that you won’t need to pay someone else to collect your unused vehicle.

We also offer fair scrap metal prices in Melbourne and Victoria, including fantastic scrap metal prices, scrap steel prices, scrap copper prices, stainless steel scrap prices, metal recycling prices and more. Our user-friendly services ensure that the pickup can be done at your convenience, and we may even pay up to thousands of dollars in cash for vehicles that can be recycled into other useable materials.

Cash For Scrap Metal

Sky Scrap Metal has been providing Melbourne cash for scrap for almost ten years! Not only are we the safest and most efficient recycling solution for all types of customers, but we ensure you get the highest possible prices for you scrap metal in Dandenong North, Melbourne.

Our highly competitive prices offer great value for your unwanted and inconvenient scrap metal! We are fully licensed and have excellent industry experience to handle the specific needs of every customer. Customers coming from backgrounds of construction, farming, building, and electrical industries to those who work in demolitions, automotive, manufacturing and waste management industries will find Sky Scrap Metal to be the most ideal recycling solution for them.

We are very versatile and deal with an extensive range of metals and materials thanks to our highly sophisticated assortment of equipment. We accept most ferrous metals, steel and cast iron and also most non-ferrous metals such as brass, aluminium, lead, copper, nickel, zinc and stainless steel and much more. We also offer our customers the option to hire from our wide variety of bins and tips for your own personal collection. Or you can request our free metal scrap pick-up service to come to your home or place of business.


At Sky Scrap Metal you can rely on us to provide:

·         Instant cash for your scrap metal if you are located in the Dandenong North, Melbourne region.

·         The best possible prices for your scrap.

·         A free scrap metal pick-up service in Melbourne.

·         Containers and bins for hire.

·         An eco-friendly, professional and efficient service tailored to your needs.

If you have unwanted scrap metal cluttering your yard, farm or factory site, are in need of fast cash and live anywhere in Melbourne or Dandenong, then Sky Scrap Metal is perfect for you. You can get in touch with our friendly and experienced team to organize the method you want to get rid of you scrap.  You can request our free mobile scrap metal removal service in Melbourne to visit your property and collect your junk for you or you can hire one of our handy bins to do it yourself. You are also welcome to arrange a time to visit our scrap yard in Dandenong and dispose of any unwanted metals yourself.

Once we retrieve your scrap metal, the process lies in the hands of our team of specialists who will weigh your junk on our state-of-the-art weighing bridge. This will allow us to evaluate and determine precisely how much your scrap metal is worth and we can then provide you with a very fair and prompt cash payment straight in your hands!


Sky Scrap Metal has been Melbourne’s best recycling sol ution for almost ten years! Not only do we offer cash for scrap, but we promise to make your experience highly satisfying! If you require a fast and friendly service that helps you get rid of your metal scrap and clutter,  do not hesitate to get in contact with us today. You can call, email or send us a message through our easy online contact form. Customers are also welcome to visit our scrap car yard in Melbourne! Located in Dandenong we are open from Monday to Saturday, and Sundays by appointment.

Mobile: 0430549164

Mobile: 0402757290


Address: 297 Hammond Road, Dandenong, 3175 – VIC.

Do you give cash for scrap instantly?

Yes, we give cash instantly for your junk cars and scrap metal! After receiving your scrap we bring it back on-site to be weighed on our highly accurate and advanced digital weighing bridge and offer you the best possible price instantly!

What types of metals will Sky Scrap Metal accept?

We accept and recycle all non-ferrous and ferrous metals. Broken or unwanted household appliances and junk cars are just a small list of what we deal with.

Is your scrap metal removal and collection service free?

Yes we offer free car removal and free pick up of your metal scrap!

What if I have too much metal to get rid of?

We offer our very own metal scrap removal service in which we will personally visit your home or workplace to pick up your unwanted material. The best part about it is it’s free!

Does Sky Scrap Metal supply skips or bins for recycling?

Yes, we provide recycling skips or bins for our customers to hire to individual collect their unwanted materials.

Does Sky Scrap Metal only recycle metals?

No, we accept a variety of materials including high temperature alloys, plastics, cardboard, waste paper, junks cars and a whole lot more.

Can I bring my scrap metal to you?

Yes, you can bring your own scrap metals and junk car to our well-equipped scrap yard in Dandenong. We offer free on-site weighing and collection.