Clean Lead Scrap Metal

Clean Lead Scrap Metal

At Sky Scrap Metal, we can accept a wide range of metal types, including lead. This includes both clean lead scrap as well as lead acid batteries scrap. When you bring in your lead scrap, we’ll weigh it and measure how much it’s worth before giving you the equivalent in money. At Sky Scrap Metal, we also have a focus on being environmentally friendly in everything we do. We make use of advanced equipment such as weighing devices and various materials handling equipment, ensuring high levels of accuracy and productivity. Get your money fast with our speedy processes for recycling your scrap metal. With 10 years of industry experience, you can’t go wrong choosing Sky Scrap Metal.

Types of Lead We Accept

  • Clean lead scrap
  • Lead acid batteries scrap


Our Services

  • Site car removals – We’re capable of removing junk cars from a range of different sites. Our staff have what it takes to get the job done fast while providing you with a fair price.
  • Scrap metal – Have you got unwanted scrap metal taking up space on your property? Sky Scrap Metal can accept it for recycling, ensuring prompt payment.
  • Non-ferrous metal – Non-ferrous metal includes materials such as stainless steel solids, molly scrap, non-magnetic tunings, electric motors, lead, brass, aluminium and copper. If you have any of these non-ferrous metals, we can recycle them for you.
  • Farm clean up – Think for a moment about how much junk metal can be found on a farm in the form of machinery and tools. We can help you clear out your farm and pay you for your scrap metal.
  • Factory scrap metal – If you’re the proprietor of a factory that’s no longer in operation, Sky Scrap Metal can recycle all unwanted metal found on the factory floor and even in the office space. We’ll pay you for every bit we find.


Got Clean Lead Scrap? Call Us Today

If you have lead in the form of clean lead scrap or even lead acid batteries scrap, you could be missing out on an opportunity to make some money. Get rid of your metal scrap today and be reimbursed for your time and effort. Call Sky Scrap Metal now on (03) 8753 6373.