Scrap Metal Yard Dandenong North

Scrap Metal Yard Dandenong North


At Sky Scrap Metal, we specialise in the processing of scrap materials for recycling purposes. Our junkyard in Melbourne is well-equipped to separate, sort and bale all types of recyclable materials, including non-ferrous and ferrous metals, high temperature alloys, plastics, cardboard, waste paper, and much more.

Unlike many other scrap metal yards, we strive to provide a fast, friendly service to our valued customers, ensuring they’re treated right and receive fair prices for all scrap metal. We also try to be both professional and efficient while paying the highest prices possible for all materials. To prove that Sky Scrap Metal is the best in the industry, our team of highly trained specialists will provide you with an honest business relationship.


In addition to buying metals, our junk yard in Melbourne can also accept scrap removal that’s been picked up from your commercial, industrial or residential property. Whether you need to clear old vehicles off your property or you require a complete factory cleanout, you can trust our friendly team to deliver the best services. Get in touch with our scrap metal yard today to learn more about our services.

Sell My Car For Cash

With almost a decade worth of industry experience, Sky Scrap Metal has been providing the most efficient and professional metal scrap yard near you! The best part is you can sell your car or any other metal scrap to us and we will give you instant cash!

You can turn your car into instant cash today and we will assure you with our highly competitive prices and great value. Our scrap car yard is fully equipped with the most advanced machinery and technology to recycle your scrap car and junk metal ethically and resourcefully. We provide equipment such as our state-of-the-art weighing bridge which weighs your car so we can determine very fair and satisfying prices for your scrap.

We are a full service recycling centre which means we collect, recycle and resell an extensive range of scrap metals and recyclables as well. At Sky Scrap Metal we accept all commercial or domestic cars, vans, busses, write-offs from car companies, trucks and much more.  We also take in vehicles regardless of their conditions.

Our reliable and friendly team can provide fast and professional junk car removal to your convenience and it is also completely free! So you don’t have to worry about bringing your car or scrap metal to our scrap yard.

Our solid commitment to the environment means that we love to recycle everything and anything to reduce the amount of unnecessary waste heading to our landfills. This includes copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel, batteries, radiators, electric motors, all types of steel, lead, old or new TVs, fridges, washing machines, mag wheels, catalytic converters, ovens, metal sinks to plastics, cardboard, waste paper and a whole lot more.

Get a profitable and more satisfying alternative to standard rubbish removal services at Sky Scrap Metal. Based in the South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, we are a fully-licensed family-run business that guarantees:

·         A ‘fair go’ policy that gets you the best-value prices for your scrap car and junk metal.

·         A free pick up removal service of your car and metal scrap.

·         A personalised and hassle-free solution for your recycling needs.

·        Free on-site weighing and collection of your car and scrap metal in our well-equipped yard.

If you’re interested in getting cash for your car contact Sky Scrap Metal today! By getting in touch with our professional team members we can arrange free car removal service for you anywhere in Melbourne and Dandenong. Or you are welcome to bring your scrap car to our very own scrap yard yourself.

Once we retrieve your car, it will be processed through our eco-friendly and highly sophisticated recycling centre. We will strip down your car, retrieve any spare and reusable spare parts and repurpose any other metals contained inside it. Finally we will weigh your scrap on our digital weighing systems and determine the best possible price for you.


Sky Scrap Metal offers the best value for your scrap for almost ten years! We are your fast and easy recycling solution that not only offers cash for scrap, but we promise to make your experience highly satisfying! Get in contact with us today via call, email or send us a message through our easy online contact form. Customers are also welcome to visit our metal scrap yard in Dandenong! We are open from Monday to Saturday, and Sundays by appointment.

Mobile: 0430549164

Mobile: 0402757290


Address: 297 Hammond Road, Dandenong, 3175 – VIC.


Do you give instant cash for scrap cars?

Yes, we give cash instantly for your junk cars and even other scrap metal! After receiving your scrap we bring it back on-site to be weighed on our highly accurate and advanced digital weighing bridge and offer you the best possible price straight in your hands!

Is your scrap car removal service free?

Yes, we offer free car removal service that can also pick up of your metal scrap too.

How do I bring my car to your car yard?

You don’t have to! We can do it all for you. We will send our team of specialists to come and pick your car up for free.

Can I bring my junk car to you?

Yes, you can bring your own scrap metals and junk car to our well-equipped yard in Dandenong. We offer free on-site weighing and collection.

Does Sky Scrap Metal accept different types of metal as well?

We accept and recycle mostly non-ferrous and ferrous metals. Unwanted or broken household appliances and junk cars are just a small list of what we deal with.