Air Conditioner Removal Service

Air Conditioner Removal Service

Broken or faulty air conditioners contain many components and materials that can be recycled. At Sky Scrap Metal, we encourage people who have an old air conditioner they no longer want to let us take it off their hands with our air conditioner removal service. Our scrap yard is well-equipped to accept a wide range of heating and cooling systems which we can break down into their constituent parts for repurposing. Whether you want to dispose of air conditioner scrap or split system scrap, we’ll ensure you get the best price.


At Sky Scrap Metal, we accept a wide range of different air conditioner scrap types, ensuring responsible recycling and environmental sustainability. We can take any type of AC unit off your hands, including window air conditioners, split systems, central air conditioning systems and portable units.

Whether made from aluminium, copper or other metals, our dedicated facility can efficiently process and recycle air conditioner materials of all types, ensuring the reuse of valuable resources. We pride ourselves on offering a seamless solution for individuals and businesses looking to responsibly dispose of air conditioner scrap.


Our full-service recycling centre in Melbourne offers a personalised service that includes collection, recycling and reselling of scrap air conditioner units. You can count on our fully trained and well-equipped staff to provide a reliable air conditioner removal service, including logistical retrieval, safe handling and timely processing. Backed over a decade of hands-on professional experience, we can be trusted to carry out operations in a very responsible and sustainable fashion, making use of the best materials handling and recycling equipment.


You can earn a significant amount by giving us your scrap air conditioner units. Using state-of-the-art digital weighing systems, we assess your scrap by taking its quality and quantity into account before quoting you a price which you can accept or decline with no pressure. We offer competitive rates, and you can rest assured that we’ll never short change you or try to rip you off.


There’s no better choice than Sky Scrap Metal when you need an efficient air conditioner removal service. Visit our contact page and choose your preferred method of speaking to us for more details or to get a quote and book our services. We’ll do our best to assist you and leave you feeling satisfied with the outcome.

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