Brass Scrap Metal

Brass Scrap Metal

Brass scrap metal is one of the many types of scrap metal that Sky Scrap Metal can accept in exchange for money. We’re dedicated to recycling metals and other materials in the most eco-friendly ways possible. We’re also a highly efficient organisation, using some of the best materials handling and weighing machinery, ensuring that when we weigh your scrap metal, you can be sure that the result is fast and accurate. We’ve been accepting brass scrap metal for over 10 years and have what it takes to recycle your scrap metal responsibly.

Types of Brass Scrap We Take

  • Brass wire scrap
  • Plumber brass scrap
  • Brass fitting scrap


Our Services

  • Site car removals – Do you have a car on your property that’s taking up valuable space? Why not contact us for free removal and recycling? It’s fast, easy and can earn you money!
  • Scrap metal Recycle your unwanted scrap metal with our free collection service, and get paid in the process.
  • Non-ferrous metal – Stainless steel solids, molly scrap, non-magnetic tunings, electric motors, lead, brass, aluminium and copper are all kinds of non-ferrous metals. We accept all of these for recycling, while also paying you fairly.
  • Farm clean up – Farm sites can be home to a lot of metals, including farm implements and machinery. If you have farm scrap, we can take it off your hands and compensate you accordingly.
  • Factory scrap metal – Factory scrap metal covers everything on the factory floor as well as everything in the office, including e-waste, which we can recycle for you.


Get Paid for Your Brass Scrap Today

Do you have brass scrap that needs recycling? Whether it’s brass wire scrap, brass plumber scrap or brass fitting scrap, we accept all of these metals and more, recycling it in eco-friendly ways and paying you generously. Call us today on (03) 8753 6373.