Copper Scrap Metal

Copper Scrap Metal

Do you need a scrap metal dealer who will take your copper scrap in return for money? At Sky Scrap Metal, we endeavour to recycle scrap metal in eco-friendly ways, conscious as we are of the effect on the environment. We not only have eco awareness, but we also boast the best equipment for weighing metals so you’re assured of receiving the best price for your scrap. We’ve been operating for over 10 years, which means we have ample knowledge of metals and what’s involved in the processing and reselling of copper scrap metal.

Types of Copper Scrap We Take

  • Copper pipe scrap
  • Copper wire scrap
  • Copper radiator scrap
  • Copper bus bar scrap
  • Copper tint scrap

Our Services

Site car removals

We can remove cars from your site quickly and without any hassle. We’ll determine how best to clear the site before paying you top dollar.

Scrap metal

Do you want money for your scrap? Sky Scrap Metal can take your unwanted scrap metal and compensate you fairly. This even includes free pick-up of any abandoned vehicles you might have. Why waste space when it could generate money for you?

Non-ferrous metal

This includes such substances as stainless steel solids, molly scrap, non-magnetic tunings, electric motors, lead, brass and aluminium. We can recycle all of these substances.

Farm clean up

Farm sites usually have a lot of metal artefacts such as run down and rusting tractors and other machinery. All of this material can be recycled while earning you some extra money at the same time.

Factory scrap metal

We can accept scrap metal from factories, taking old machinery off your hands that can be recycled and earn you money.

Got Copper Scrap Metal? Call Sky Scrap Metal Today

At Sky Scrap Metal, we proudly accept a range of different types of copper scrap, including copper pipe scrap, copper wire scrap, copper radiator scrap, copper bus bar scrap and copper tint scrap. If you have any of these materials, don’t hesitate to call us on (03) 8753 6373 to arrange collection.

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