Electrical Wire Scrap

Electrical Wire Scrap

Do you have electrical wire scrap or copper wire PVC scrap that you want to sell? At Sky Scrap Metal, we can collect and recycle any wire scrap you don’t want, taking it off your hands and compensating you fairly in the process. Whether you have car wire scrap that’s just lying around and taking up space or other types of wire scrap which you think can be repurposed, we’ll happily accept it.

Clean and Efficient Operations

As a full service scrap metal recycling centre in Melbourne with over a decade of professional experience, we pride ourselves on conducting clean and efficient operations. Our dealers are committed to being environmentally responsible and sustainable. We do this by using state-of-the-art recycling processes along with digital weighing systems and materials handling equipment. You can rely on us for reliable logistical retrieval, safe handling, and timely processing of your electrical wire scrap.

Turn Unwanted Scrap Into Money

Our goal is to turn unwanted scrap into money, incentivising people to recycle their scrap and reduce the demand for virgin resources that places strain on the environment. You can get generous amounts for your scrap depending on the quality and quantity. We also offer competitive quotes and provide prompt payment as part of our personalised service.

Get in Touch Today

Whether you have electrical wire off cut scrap or copper wire PVC scrap that you want to sell, you can’t go wrong choosing Sky Scrap Metal for a great recycling service and a fair price. Check out our contact page for more details about how you can get in touch with us. We’ll answer any questions you may have and provide an accurate quote for you to consider before taking your electrical wire scrap off your hands.