Metal Recycling & Junk Car Removal in Keysborough

When disposing of scrap metal, it’s important that it’s recycled appropriately. Metal recycling promotes longevity and preservation of the earth’s natural resources, helping to reduce the impact on the environment. At Sky Scrap Metal, we offer full service scrap metal recycling in Keysborough, allowing you to responsibly dispose of your ferrous and non-ferrous metals while getting paid fairly.

If you’ve got a wrecked or unwanted vehicle that’s taking up space in your yard, we also offer free car removal in Keysborough. Our wreckers will not only give you a fair price for your wrecked vehicle, but will also come to your property and collect it for free.

Get the Best Prices on Scrap Metal in Keysborough

With the number of wreckers and scrap yards operating in Melbourne, it can be difficult to know who providing a genuine service to customers and who is just trying to make a quick buck, ripping off their customers in the process. At Sky Scrap Metal, we pride ourselves on our ‘fair go’ quoting policy, ensuring that customers get the best prices for their unwanted scrap metal and junk cars. No beating around the bush or confusing industry lingo; just fair prices for your unwanted scrap, from junk cars through to scrap copper in Keysborough.

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If you’re looking for a reliable scrap yard that will give you a fair price, look no further than Sky Scrap Metal. Whether you need construction site clean-up, farm clean-up or junk car removal in Keysborough, we offer fast, efficient and friendly services and the most competitive rates for scrap metal in Keysborough.

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